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Monday, November 23, 2009

"Drop it like it's hot"

'Drop it like it's hot' has become a popular saying. And this is precisely what I would like to use as an analogy for today's lesson.

If you were to pick up, let's say a mug or a bowl and you were not aware of the fact that they were hot. Would you not almost immediately drop it or quickly put it down as soon as you realize that they were in fact very hot?

We could compare the hot bowl or mug as Sin personality in us. In the course of our lives we have picked up some habits, and have developed some thought patterns that are not always positive or constructive. They are 'hot', in the sense that they can harm us, affect our health and our relationships, thus causing us pain and unhappiness. We must therefore drop them like they hot! Hebrews 12:1 tells us to throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles.

When sin becomes our personality it possesses our minds and begins to rule our consciousness. We know we have lost control of the direction of our lives when the good we ought to do we do not do but instead do the bad that we don't want to do. Apostle Paul wrote in the 7th chapter of the book of Romans: "Now if I do what I do not want to do, it is no longer I who do it, but it is sin living in me that does it".

We also understand that from his other letters that he overcame sin. Apostle Paul often wrote about dying and crucifying the old self, thus allowing his true Self Christ to now Live. And like him we can also realize our true divine nature by continuously refusing to allow sin to rule our thinking, thus allowing Christ to sit enthroned in our hearts. We must there become militant, meaning guarding our hearts from destructive thoughts and feelings that are causing us to be miserable.

The word 'sin', if it were to be translated from the original text, means 'to miss the mark'. It literally means that the human race 'has gotten it all wrong'. This is to say that the majority of us has chosen to live unconsciously. And because we are unaware of the true purpose of living we wrongly make use of the mind, thus wasting our substance, which is the divine life in us. And all of us must repent meaning change the direction of our lives by changing our mind.

Let's put it this way. If you were driving somewhere and realized that you had gotten lost, would you not quickly turn around and begin to look for the right direction; the one that would lead you to your destination. This is repentance. As soon as you realize that there is something within you that is not bringing you joy and happiness, you must repent from it or drop it like it's hot.

Now you may begin to look within yourself and do a deep soul search and identify the many times you have 'gotten lost'. You are destined to be happy and living and enjoyable life. And each and every time you failed to experience that you had simply taken a wrong turn somewhere. This does not mean you must get punished, so avoid feeling guilty and condemned. Just turn around and repent as this light (this teaching)is helping you to see the way to true salvation.

Here it is important that I mention that as soon as you begin to search the heart you will uncover some things that may be unpleasant; things you have said and perhaps done in the past that may have directly or indirectly cause pain to yourself and others. At this point it is crucial that you allow the Holy Spirit to help you for the heart is very sensitive and your emotions can get a hold of you. So don't be quick to do anything on your own strength by trying to 'fix things up'. The real change must be a change of heart. What will provoke such change is HEALING. So allow the Holy Spirit to not only heal every past wound, but to also bring light (new understanding)in everything you have experienced thus far. And stay in that healing period for as long as needed. When you are ready to take any actions He will guide you.

Now here is a suggestive prayer

Father, I know you are the Light and Life that has brought me forth into this world. My journey in this earthly realm has not always been pleasant. But now I know it is my divine right to live a peaceable and enjoyable life. I am ready to 'drop' everything that has caused me to experience pain and unhappiness. O Lead me most Holy Spirit to the way of happiness and peacefulness now and forever. Take my heart Christ Jesus shape it, take my mind mold it into your very own. And it is in your name I pray and seal this prayer, As I also vow to desire you and you alone. Amen!

Now take a moment, meditate on these words, feel this prayer and let a new energy overtake your entire being.

I will see you in Spirit. Have a happy meditation.
Thursday, October 29, 2009

Fear Not

“…But perfect love casteth away fear…” (1 John 4:18)

We are afraid of what others may think or say about us, because we don’t know the truth about ourselves. We are also afraid of other people reactions, because of our lack of confidence in what we say and do. We avoid certain situations, because we don’t want emotional pains, which are usually based on some past experiences. We are hesitant about making life decisions, because we want to prevent ourselves from making mistakes.

Clearly fear can become a major hindrance in our lives. And here are the major areas that are directly infected by fear:

1. The freedom to discover ourselves
2. The boldness and confidence to express ourselves
3. Our ability to freely make life decisions

Now let us find a solution. First and foremost, we must rediscover our perfect self expression by asking some fundamental questions about ourselves; one of which is: “what is my life‘s goal?”

Our life’s goal is to rediscover our true selves. To rediscover our true selves is to know we are the image and the likeness of God. In other words, we are God's offspring. This is to say, God is love and we are the embodiment of love. Love is our true nature.

Our purpose here on earth is to realize God and to only know him as Love. It is this knowledge that gives us true identity. This is a powerful knowledge. But it must not be a head knowledge. We must daily affirm this truth until it becomes our consciousness. Meaning until it becomes part of our overall thinking and believing. Once this is done, fear is vanquished!

The victory over fear is quite simple. All it takes is practice. What I mean by practice is faith and consistency.

Here are some suggestive affirmative prayers. Use them verbally early in the morning and at night right before you go to bed. Choose one affirmation and memorize it. During the course of your daily activities you may pray it in your heart over and over again, until it is crystallized in your soul.

Your faithfulness to this simple practice will show an amazing result in a short period of time.

Here are the suggested affirmations:

God is love. I am made in the image and the likeness of Love.

God is love. I am the embodiment of love.

God is love. I am love. I see love in everything and in everyone.

God is love. I am love. I think in love, I act in love.

I do nothing on my own. Love does everything through me.
Friday, October 9, 2009

Chasing after the Wind

We are so caught up in what seems urgent, our daily to-dos, that we often neglect what is important, realizing true happiness and peacefulness. A lot of us are lonely, bitter, discouraged, and some of us have simply given up on finding the true meaning of life and our existence. But most of us are still chasing after the wind.

Our society is structured in such a way that all of us at one point or another have been victimized by its system. And sadly to say the majority of us are still unconscious of its effects on the human soul.

The other problem is we seldom take the time to appreciate our lives because we are often too busy trying to change it, fix it or simply finding something wrong with it. The reason we don't appreciate our lives is because we are confusing life, our essence, our very core with our life experiences. And that is pricesely why we are always unsatisfied with the outcome of our lives.

Today take the time to focus your attention on your life (within) instead of your life experiences (without). And if you really desire to change the outcome of your life you must then bring your awareness within.

What does that really mean to bring your attention within? The outward manifestations of our life could be summarized as our health, wealth,success, our relationships, and so on. People tend to measure their level of happinesss based on these experiences. But all of these things are subject to change and are temporal. And chasing after them can only provide a short time relief. This is what Salomon in the bible calls chasing after the wind.

The conflicts we experience within and sometimes in our relationships is based on our attachment to the material world. And the more we are attached to these things, the less we take the time to appreciate the life of God in us. And the light of that life gets dimmer and dimmer as time passes us by.

And that is how man stays in ignorance, he walks in darkness. His attachment to the outside world veils the presence of the life of God within. Though this life is present in every cell of his body. Man's real success and true happiness are closer to him than he realizes, except he barely takes the time to recognize this truth about himself.

Today allow the light of these truths to awaken the Christ life within. Feel the divine energy and intelligence that is making your entire body function. Become one with this life. Appreciate it, bless it and remain in that pure awareness for as long as you can. Learn about the members of your body and their specific function. Praise the God-life in every cell of your body and thank the divine mind that is making every organ perform day and night.

This is one way you can practice being instead of doing, loving instead of accusing, pausing instead of chasing. And the more you acknowledge the within the better your without. Love your life and watch and see how life begins to reshape your experiences.

IN Him,

A. Danielle Dagba
Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Exchanging our Sorrow for Rejoicing

"...I will comfort them and exchange their sorrow for rejoicing." Jer 31:13b (NLT)

You know at any given time in our lives and throughout our various experiences we are always given an opportunity to see things in a different light. The light of Truth. It is always up to us to be willing to see things differently and to seek Christ vision instead of the world’s. Christ Vision is our Gift from God. It is the Holy Spirit purpose to help us see things in a higher realm of consciousness thus aiding us in transcending the personal ego and the false light that comes from the concepts of the world.

Each time we experience sorrow or pain we are quick to say things like: "life has handled me a bad hand", or "God is punishing me", we are quick to judge ourselves, others or the situation at hand based on our own understanding. But who are we to judge? The bible tells us to rely not on our own understanding. We must therefore ask the Spirit of God for clarification instead of making our own assumptions.

We are destined to be happy. We know this to be true because we are constantly seeking for joyful and happy experiences. When we experience sorrow, however it is a good indication that something is missing deep within. It simply means that we haven't yet realized certain truths and the Spirit of God is calling us higher. The Voice for Truth within is ready to bring us to higher knowledge of Truth. We simply need to acknowledge this and be willing and happy to learn as we look forward to hear His Voice.

The real cause of sorrow is ignorance of Truth. Truth is reality. Reality is God. When we ignore the truth about our true selves we walk in darkness of ignorance, which leads to bondage. The soul is then imprisoned within our own minds due to our own erroneous beliefs.

Every time we become disturbed due to a particular situation, event, person or whatever images or thoughts that come to mind, we are given an opportunity to exchange our sorrow for rejoicing. We simply need to change our minds about how we define sorrows. In reality they are indications of the need for new understanding, new light, and ultimately the higher knowledge of Truth that will liberate the soul.

You see a lot of times we may desire something, maybe to become more loving or forgiving, or we may have set for ourselves some other spiritual goals. But at times in order for the Spirit to bring us to the manifestation of those desires it is necessary that we experience some torments within our soul, so to speak. At first it may seem like a period of darkness.

Nevertheless you must not fret but rest assured that your soul is being liberated as the ties are coming loose. It could be various ties. I am talking about attachments to the material realm. It is when we erase from our consciousness the belief that something outside our Source, who is God, is able to make us whole or save us. Every time the soul becomes detached you may experience some disturbance, and this is perfectly fine. The degree of the torment is parallel to the level of attachment. The more attached you are the more difficult and more painful it is to become detached.

These are growing pains and as you experience them learn to go on and rejoice, for the more you detach from the material realm, the more you become attached to God. this is inevitable. You are then being set free my friend! Go on rejoicing and saying: "I thank God for experiencing this sorrow or torment or suffering or pain", or whatever you wish to call it. Praise God for the lessons you are able to draw out of each experience as you allow the light within to shine new understanding in your consciousness.

In Him,

A. Danielle Dagba
Friday, April 17, 2009

"The Lord is on My Side"

Said David, and I will not fear.

With the power of the universe on our side there is nothing to be afraid of. We experience fear, lack and limitations of all sort simply because we are not truly siding with the Lord. And consequently we begin to feel disconnected from our Source, everyone and every aspect of creation.

Ponder on this one for a while, you have infinite, power, wisdom and love at your disposal. Think about inexhaustible supply, divine providence, loving kindness, tender mercies and the list goes on unto eternity.

There is a supply for every demand. We shall not want if we truly side with the Lord, we shall not lack nor fear if we seek his face (mind) and his ever-present help in time we believe there is a need.

If we look around us we will become aware of God’s abundance and limitless supply throughout creations. The universe perfectly displays the riches of God’s glory. Think about the different galaxies, planets, trees, plants, animals, sea creatures, the immensity and the variety that is so evident in everything our eyes behold. How about the very air that we breathe, do we ever wonder if there will be enough for tomorrow?

He has given us all things pertaining unto life and godliness, Apostle Peter wrote. We only need to learn how to appropriate all that is ours by divine rights. In other words we only need to learn how to side with the Lord.

If you stand on top of a hill you will have a better view than someone else who is at the bottom. We transcend the realm of limitations, fear and lack thus operating in a higher consciousness When we align our minds with the divine. We do so by putting ourselves in the right relationship with God through comprehension and appropriation of divine truths. And we accomplish the same through devotion, prayer or meditation on divine principles. This is how we begin to see things differently; things that others cannot see. Our perception changes through the right use of the mind.

We have inherited two great gifts; it is intelligence and will power. We can decide to do whatever we want and it is up to us to use the intellectual aspect of the mind to seek spiritual knowledge and divine understanding of Truth; thus deciding to side with the Lord and not the world.

David wrote: "It is better to trust in the Lord, than to put confidence in Man. It is better to trust in the Lord than to put confidence in princes". He had made a decision to always side with God and his devotion to God was evident throughout his writings.

It is up to each one of us to make this decision as David had;to side with the Lord no matter what challenges, situations, or current life events we may be facing. If we choose to believe in lack instead of abundance we are not siding with the Lord, if we choose to believe in sickness instead of health we are not siding with the Lord. If we choose to believe in anything that is not of eternal truth we are not siding with the Lord.

It does not matter what your apparent situations maybe whispering to you, you must deny their suggestions, that you are poor, in need, unhappy, sick, the worst of the sinner, etc…Instead walk with the absolute confidence that ye are sons of the Most High as Jesus put it. A son resides in the house and has access to everything that belongs to the father. Jesus said in his prayer to God “all thine are mine”. You are one with God, thus one with ALL that IS. Apostle Paul said God is all, in all.

God is not withholding anything from us, To believe this is to believe in a lie. He has already given us everything we need. So there is no need to beg him or force his hands or say if it is God’s will I shall have. Simply receive it through the power of your word and through prayer. Than believe you already have ‘all that is yours’. Act as if you have it now thus enjoying it constantly in the present moment.

Choose to side with Life instead of death, with love instead of unforgiveness, with abundance instead of lack, with perfect health instead of sickness, with oneness instead of separation, with infinite possibilities instead of limitations. Is anything too difficult for God?

For in Truth you are one with the all pervading substance, divine mind, every where present, all wise, all knowing, diseaseless, deathless, opulent, eternal life principle, namely God. Therefore whose side are you going to lean on? It is evident, isn't it?

In Him,

A. Danielle Dagba
Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Joy of My Salvation

Do you recall the joy you felt the day that you were 'saved', some call it 'born again', others term it 'received Christ'.

It did feel like you have found something precious didn't it, like unto a treasure. Something that was hidden in you but you were unaware of up until then. It is this awakening of eternal life, peace and joy. A lot of people describe that experience as the most meaningful day of their lives. The joy of salvation, there is nothing like it, isn't it? The day that you received Christ Jesus as your Lord and Savior.

Our master said: "Again, the kingdom of heaven is like unto treasure hid in a field; the which when a man hath found, he hideth, and for joy thereof goeth and selleth all that he hath, and buyeth that field.(Matthew 13:44)

The joy of our salvation is not supposed to be something that we experience once in our lifetime. As a matter of fact each time we enter the prayer closet within we should experience it over and over again, and it should also intensify.

I believe a lot of people did discover that hidden treasure. In their intensive search for a new life they have turned to God. And perhaps with the help of others have studied the bible and have 'received Christ'and were overjoyed that day; the day of their 'salvation'.

The problem is many have stopped there, they have failed to 'work out their salvation as Paul admonished us. Many people can help you receive Christ or lead you to him but it is up to you to personally work it out.

Jesus said once we find the treasure that has been hidden in the field, we will be so thrilled, so overjoyed that we will hide it again and sell everything we posses in order to possess the entire field. As we know Jesus was teaching in parables. Every word means something, we can actually increase our faith by digging deeper into each word in order to get the honey out of the comb so to speak and that is how we receive revelation knowledge from the Spirit. The letter kills, but the Spirit gives Life.

The things that we must sell (give up) are the things that we are attached to in this realm. Those are the things that our soul has clinged to since the begining of our individual journey in this earthly realm. And the truth is the more attached we are to those things, the more difficult it will be to possess that treasure field (the entire kingdom).

You see God is the one experiencing Himself through our physical bodies. He is therefore our only Source and Provider. When we begin to rely on anything besides him for our physical, mental, spiritual, emotional needs we will inevitably become attached to some other source outside of ourselves. Then we will depend on that source instead of God which will make our journey here on earth painful and difficult.

It is like this let's suppose you were going on a road trip, the lighter you travel, meaning the less luggage, the more pleasant will be your trip, the more luggage you bring along the more uncomfortable you would be. In the same manner we are here on a journey the more we detach the easier the journey will be. Meaning the more we rely on God and solely on him the more we become attached to him and detached from the world.

Selling everything or become completely dettached does not necessarily mean giving up your material possessions, we may be attached to certain beliefs or principles that are not based on Truth and have polluted our minds. We may find it hard to let go of some character issues or some habitual 'sins'.

What is it that you must sell in order to experience the joy of your salvation over and over again? Look deep within yourself, what are some habitual sins, some mindsets that have hindered your spiritual work and stolen your joy. David said: Restore unto me the joy of thy salvation while repenting of his sins. Repentance is not a one time deal or something we experience once in our lifetime prior to baptism or receiving Christ as many call it.

Repentance is being like a little child each time we come to God in prayer, and asking him to fill us with his substance. Each time we must empty ourselves that he may renew our strength. We must come as if we dont know anything, like a virgin soul. We must be vulnerable. That is the only way we can experience the joy of our salvation, over and over again.

And that joy is your strength my friend. That is the Joy of the Lord.

Here is the challenge you must believe and without a shadow of a doubt that in you are hid all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge, Which is Christ in You, the kingdom of heaven. It is the fount of everlasting Joy and Life and Love.

The other challenge is to make up your mind to turn inward for your every need. Turn inward my friend, for nothing outside of you is able to save you.

In Him,

A. Danielle Dagba
Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Whom Shall I Fear?

"The Lord is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear"? Psalms 27:1

When darkness surrounds us a feeling of fear arises. Just as a little child would be afraid to fall asleep once the lights are turned off in his room at night.

Darkness signifies mortal or error thoughts. Darkness represents sin. To Sin simply means to have missed the mark of truth.

When we are facing challenging or confusing situations we are tempted to become fearful as doubt and fear fill our hearts. This is the precised moment to seek for truths through divine understandings. We must make every effort to allow the Mind which was in Christ be also in us. The Christ Mind is the light of the world.

You must make up your mind to not be afraid when mortal thoughts seem to creep in your mind, but instead you must declare boldly like David 'The Lord is my light and my salvation Whom Shall I fear?' David also said 'when the wicked even mine enemies and my foes came upon me to eat my flesh, they stumbled and fell'.

That was David's conviction, they (his enemies)shall, meaning they must necessarily come to nothing. He had absolute faith in the God power in him to overtake his enemies.

The Truth in us, The Christ in us is the power of God unto Salvation, we must therefore turn inward and through our words whether spoken or silent defeat those mortal thoughts (our enemies).

Those enemies and foes are thoughts of doubt, fear and confusion they are like an army waging war against our soul. This is the time to affirm that the Lord is the strength of my life. As you speak the word with conviction and boldness you become strong as a supernatural strength floods your soul. It is divine energy, the power of God in you doing for you what you could not have done on your own strength.

When facing darkened situations you must not avoid them, or run away from them, you must use the truths that you know in order to face them. If you were to go to war and as soon as you see your enemies you begin to run they will overtake you. That is how the enemies,our own mortal thoughts at times get the best of us and rule our minds and hearts.

You must therefore remain in the dark so to speak until light comes. You will notice that at first once the light is shut in the room, the room would seem completely dark and you may not be able to recognize a single item. But if you continue to look around little by little you will recognize the table, the chair, the chest etc.

How long should you sit in the dark?,Well until light comes. You must wait on the Lord as you seek his face, meaning his mind. That is how we commune with Him and that is how he leads us and directs our paths. As we learn to wait on Him, wait on the Light of truth.

Every darkened situation we may face is an opportunity to seek the Christ Mind, to seek the Truth. Next time you are facing such challenge enter the closet prayer within and speak to your father who knows your heart and your needs and ask for light, meaning understanding of truth. And may this truth that you know make you free and save the soul each time from temptation, from sin and darkness.

The truth is there is nothing to fear if you set your heart and mind on Truth, on God.

In Him,

A. Danielle Dagba

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