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Monday, November 23, 2009

"Drop it like it's hot"

'Drop it like it's hot' has become a popular saying. And this is precisely what I would like to use as an analogy for today's lesson.

If you were to pick up, let's say a mug or a bowl and you were not aware of the fact that they were hot. Would you not almost immediately drop it or quickly put it down as soon as you realize that they were in fact very hot?

We could compare the hot bowl or mug as Sin personality in us. In the course of our lives we have picked up some habits, and have developed some thought patterns that are not always positive or constructive. They are 'hot', in the sense that they can harm us, affect our health and our relationships, thus causing us pain and unhappiness. We must therefore drop them like they hot! Hebrews 12:1 tells us to throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles.

When sin becomes our personality it possesses our minds and begins to rule our consciousness. We know we have lost control of the direction of our lives when the good we ought to do we do not do but instead do the bad that we don't want to do. Apostle Paul wrote in the 7th chapter of the book of Romans: "Now if I do what I do not want to do, it is no longer I who do it, but it is sin living in me that does it".

We also understand that from his other letters that he overcame sin. Apostle Paul often wrote about dying and crucifying the old self, thus allowing his true Self Christ to now Live. And like him we can also realize our true divine nature by continuously refusing to allow sin to rule our thinking, thus allowing Christ to sit enthroned in our hearts. We must there become militant, meaning guarding our hearts from destructive thoughts and feelings that are causing us to be miserable.

The word 'sin', if it were to be translated from the original text, means 'to miss the mark'. It literally means that the human race 'has gotten it all wrong'. This is to say that the majority of us has chosen to live unconsciously. And because we are unaware of the true purpose of living we wrongly make use of the mind, thus wasting our substance, which is the divine life in us. And all of us must repent meaning change the direction of our lives by changing our mind.

Let's put it this way. If you were driving somewhere and realized that you had gotten lost, would you not quickly turn around and begin to look for the right direction; the one that would lead you to your destination. This is repentance. As soon as you realize that there is something within you that is not bringing you joy and happiness, you must repent from it or drop it like it's hot.

Now you may begin to look within yourself and do a deep soul search and identify the many times you have 'gotten lost'. You are destined to be happy and living and enjoyable life. And each and every time you failed to experience that you had simply taken a wrong turn somewhere. This does not mean you must get punished, so avoid feeling guilty and condemned. Just turn around and repent as this light (this teaching)is helping you to see the way to true salvation.

Here it is important that I mention that as soon as you begin to search the heart you will uncover some things that may be unpleasant; things you have said and perhaps done in the past that may have directly or indirectly cause pain to yourself and others. At this point it is crucial that you allow the Holy Spirit to help you for the heart is very sensitive and your emotions can get a hold of you. So don't be quick to do anything on your own strength by trying to 'fix things up'. The real change must be a change of heart. What will provoke such change is HEALING. So allow the Holy Spirit to not only heal every past wound, but to also bring light (new understanding)in everything you have experienced thus far. And stay in that healing period for as long as needed. When you are ready to take any actions He will guide you.

Now here is a suggestive prayer

Father, I know you are the Light and Life that has brought me forth into this world. My journey in this earthly realm has not always been pleasant. But now I know it is my divine right to live a peaceable and enjoyable life. I am ready to 'drop' everything that has caused me to experience pain and unhappiness. O Lead me most Holy Spirit to the way of happiness and peacefulness now and forever. Take my heart Christ Jesus shape it, take my mind mold it into your very own. And it is in your name I pray and seal this prayer, As I also vow to desire you and you alone. Amen!

Now take a moment, meditate on these words, feel this prayer and let a new energy overtake your entire being.

I will see you in Spirit. Have a happy meditation.

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